Fixed third teeth – in a day


All-on-4® is suitable for almost all patients who are dissatisfied with their removable dentures and who have tooth loss caused by inflammation or similar. What’s special: With our “all-on-4® principle” you get fixed third teeth in a day that you can use immediately. After detailed planning using three-dimensional images, 4 implants are inserted into the upper/lower jaw. After initial adjustment, the dental prostheses are inserted on the same day or at the latest on the following day and can be loaded immediately.

One treatment session is generally enough! The placement of implants is often a lengthy process which can take many months. The jaw bone which has reduced because of the missing teeth frequently has to be built up beforehand. While the implants are healing in the jaw, the patient has to contend with a poorly fitting long-term temporary restoration until full loading is restored. Everything is different with all-on-4® – treatment is complete after just one session and you can use your fixed third teeth immediately.

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