Dr. med. dent. Nasibeh S. Rad


Since 2014, dentist Dr. med. dent. Nasibeh S. Rad has been successfully heading up the dental practice shiny smile in Niederkassel and offers the normal range of dentistry. Since setting up in private practice, she has increasingly specialised in periodontology and implantology.

As one of the few women dentists in Germany, she concentrates on very advanced procedures such as surgical crown extension, regenerative periodontal surgery or peri-implantitis therapy. Her range of implantology includes 3D-navigated implantology and the procedures for instantly fixed replacement teeth, all-on-4® and all-on-6® . An increasing number of dental practices in the region (Niederkassel,Troisdorf) refer very advanced cases to Ms Rad.

To focus more on this specialisation, she founded the “Perioplant Excellence” division as a special part of her shiny smile practice.

DGPeri Logo

German Society for Periimplantitis (DGPeri)

Dentist Dr. med. dent. Nasibeh S. Rad is the president of the German Society for Periimplantitis e.V. (DGPeri).

Primary goals of the professional society are:

  • To create awareness that nothing can completely replace one’s own tooth in its entirety, and that tooth preservation should always take precedence over tooth replacement.
  • To raise awareness among patients, clinicians, academia and industry.
  • To regard care and prevention as inseparable components of implant therapy and thus to recognize and treat peri-implant diseases at an early stage.
  • Periodontal plastic surgery – Periodontal microsurgery
    Institute for dental research and teaching, PD Dr Gerhard Iglhaut, Memmingen, Germany
  • Implantology curriculum
    Academy for Practice and Science of the German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGZMK), Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Paediatric dentistry curriculum
    Academy for Practice and Science of the German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGZMK), Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Periodontology curriculum
    Academy for Practice and Science of the German Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (DGZMK), Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Dental sedation with nitrous oxide
    Institute for Dental Sedation (IDS), Dr Frank G. Mathers, Cologne, Germany
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Frequently asked questions on the practice

Treatment at Perioplant is a successful combination of medicine and technology, continuously updated knowledge, the highest medical and dental precision, experience and a holistic concept.

We do not only pay attention to an aesthetically high-quality dental prosthesis, but also to the appropriate gum line. A coordinated training of the chewing muscles as well as regular check-ups ensure that your radiant smile is permanently preserved.

For us, people and medicine are in the foreground. We also use many of these technologies, but only where we consider them to be useful and mature as a support to medicine for the benefit of the patient. New technology never replaces experience, expertise and skills. Therefore, although available and used in our practice, we only advertise technology to a very limited extent.

We are very considerate of your schedule, plan long-term appointments and also make appointments outside our office hours possible. Your time is just as valuable to us as ours.

We create a long-term treatment plan as far as medically possible. Our patients know the current status and the next steps and appointments at all times.

Unfortunately, further treatment or follow-up care is not possible for legal reasons. In general, we advise against hasty medical treatment abroad.

We receive many such requests with sometimes shocking results far below German standards. In many cases, the only option is to start the treatment all over again.

Wherever medically indicated, Perioplant works minimally invasively, quickly and efficiently at the same time, partly using techniques developed in-house.

Therefore, the signs of trauma such as pain and swelling usually do not occur after the procedure.