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Conventional treatment of toothless jaws with total dental prostheses is frequently unsatisfactory for the patients because they often fit badly, leave painful pressure points and interfere with eating, speaking and laughing. The all-on concepts where several implants are used which become integrated into the jaw are helpful here. Their job is to imitate the pressure exerted on you by the teeth. The replacement teeth are then attached to these implants. While the dentures in the form of removable prostheses are supported on four implants in the all-on-4® treatment concept, in the case of the all-on-6® concept, fixed bridges are used which are supported on six implants.

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Frequently asked questions about All-on-6®

All-on-6® is an effective solution for patients who have complete tooth loss but do not want to have dentures (or are unhappy with their dentures). The more implants are used, the stronger and more stable the teeth will be because: The pressure is distributed to the implants and thus to the jaw. This means: Anyone who requires greater stability, because of the anatomical situation for instance, is well advised to go for all-on-6®.

On a positive note, all-on-6® can generally be performed without building up the bone even if there is little bone substance. So only minor surgical stress is involved and additional operations can generally be avoided.

Use of the all-on-6® technique thus provides fixed teeth that look and feel natural and a stable bite force – and this is achieved in one treatment session!

In the past, many more implants were typically needed to replace all the teeth. In addition, the jaw bone generally had to be built up first. Furthermore, there would have been a long healing phase of approx. six to nine months until the jaw was ready for placement of the new tooth crowns. With the all-on-6® technique, “less healing” is needed, as fewer implants are required and there is no need to build up the bone.

Treatment with all-on-6® can be divided into four stages. Just one day is needed for the implantation surgery.

Step 1: Examination and consultation
You make an appointment with us, we examine you and advise as to whether the all-on-6® solution is suitable for you. We consider the risks and benefits carefully.

Step 2: Cost planning
and discussion, preparing the planning model and the necessary X-ray images.

Step 3: Preliminary discussion of the procedure
We now explain in detail how long the operation and the whole treatment take and what clinical procedures are involved. We also answer your questions.

Step 4: Implantation or actual all-on-6® treatment
If residual teeth remain that would interfere with all-on-6® treatment, we remove them. Then we insert the six implants and provide temporary restoration. Now we adjust everything in line with your personal wishes. We then insert the bridge permanently.

We assess the treatment result after one week and remove the sutures. You are now given tips and rules for the special care required. You should come to us for an assessment every three months. After two years, the interval can be increased if everything has been OK in the interim.

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