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Referring dentists

Dear Doctor,

It goes without saying that we believe in trusting and friendly cooperation with referring dentists and “family dentists”. We guarantee that we return your patients to your practice.

Procedure for your referral

  1. You refer your patient to our practice.
  2. If X-ray images are already available, you can send them by post or email to
  3. If you have any questions, contact us on 0 22 08 – 91 01 39.
  4. Preliminary discussion with your patient in our practice and making an appointment.
  5. How we perform the treatment in our practice.
  6. We inform you in a phone call, by fax or letter about the course of treatment.
  7. We guarantee that we refer the patient back to you.

Advantages for you

  • Direct, guaranteed referral back
  • Close and reliable professional contact and exchange
  • The best possible treatment for your patients according to the latest standard
  • If desired, academic exchange in problem cases

Advantages for your patient

  • Standardised, low-bureaucracy and time-saving preparation.
  • Professional treatment course
  • Fair and transparent calculation of costs

You would like to refer a patient to us? Here you will find the corresponding referral form.

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Do you have any questions?

We are happy to discuss open questions or individual concerns in person. Give us a call or write to us: