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Gummy smile treatment

When you smile, do you see not only your teeth but also too much gum? Then you most likely have a so-called gummy smile.

Many patients feel disturbed by this sight and are ashamed of it, because the proportions can have an irritating effect on the person they are talking to. Therefore, they often avoid laughing carefree and lightheartedly.

This is not the point – therefore we at Perioplant Excellence in Niederkassel offer the correction of your gummy smile.

Gummy Smile Behandlung Niederkassel

A gummy smile is an inharmonious relation of lip, gum and teeth. In terms of proportions, the focus is always on the gum.

There are various reasons for this: In some patients, the connection between upper lip and gum is too narrow and other patients have gum growths. In other cases, the teeth are too small. It is also possible that the lip elevator muscle is overdeveloped. The result of all these findings is that more gum than teeth is visible when you smile.

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Example before and after

  • Patient, 21 years old
  • Initial situation: Gummy Smile “gum smile”
  • Surgical adjustment of the gums for a harmonious, aesthetic smile
  • OP duration: 3 hours
  • The gums look attractive in relation to the teeth and lips
  • Even three years after the surgery, the result is stable as it should be and our patients are happy

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