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Gummy smile treatment

When you smile, do you see not only your teeth but also too much gum? Then you most likely have a so-called gummy smile.

Many patients feel disturbed by this sight and are ashamed of it, because the proportions can have an irritating effect on the person they are talking to. Therefore, they often avoid laughing carefree and lightheartedly.

This is not the point – therefore we at Perioplant Excellence in Niederkassel offer the correction of your gummy smile.

Gummy Smile Behandlung Niederkassel

A gummy smile is an inharmonious relation of lip, gum and teeth. In terms of proportions, the focus is always on the gum.

There are various reasons for this: In some patients, the connection between upper lip and gum is too narrow and other patients have gum growths. In other cases, the teeth are too small. It is also possible that the lip elevator muscle is overdeveloped. The result of all these findings is that more gum than teeth is visible when you smile.

Perioplant Excellence

Example before and after

  • Patient, 21 years old
  • Initial situation: Gummy Smile “gum smile”
  • Surgical adjustment of the gums for a harmonious, aesthetic smile
  • OP duration: 3 hours
  • The gums look attractive in relation to the teeth and lips
  • Even three years after the surgery, the result is stable as it should be and our patients are happy

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    Frequently asked questions about gummy smile treatment

    Patients who are inhibited and embarrassed by their gummy smile, can come to us for treatment. Before we begin the treatment, we give your teeth and gums a thorough examination. This is important because the precondition for gummy smile therapy is a healthy oral cavity. If this is the case, then we start the treatment.

    How we proceed depends on the baseline situation and the underlying cause. The following are possible:

    Gum correction

    If an excess of gum is responsible for the gummy smile, we can offer a solution in the form of gum correction. We gently remove the tissue. In this way, we can create a harmonious relationship of teeth and gums.

    Small teeth

    If your teeth are naturally too small/too short, we can use veneers or crowns to make them look longer. This also enables beautiful new proportions to develop between teeth and gum.

    Correction of an overdeveloped lip elevator muscle

    If the lip elevator muscle is overdeveloped, there are two different procedures available: injection of a certain medication which makes the muscle temporarily contract to a lesser extent or myotomy, a procedure in which the function of the lip elevator muscle is permanently weakened under local anaesthesia.

    Gummy Smile Behandlung Niederkassel

    The technique is basically suitable for people of any age who want an appealing smile.

    If the patient is unable to guarantee consistent and correct oral hygiene and regular assessments and professional teeth cleaning, the result will not last. Talk to us, we’ll find a solution together.

    After detailed discussion, we start the preliminary examinations and clarify whether the procedure is worth doing and will work. We subsequently create the basic preconditions (freedom from caries and periodontitis, basic aesthetics of the entire dentition). The actual gummy smile operation is the last but critical step towards your perfect smile.

    The costs for the actual surgery vary a lot depending on the number of teeth and the clinical conditions. Under optimal conditions, they start at 2,000 Euros. In addition, there are the costs of the preliminary examinations and any preliminary treatment necessary. A radiant smile can also be created for the smaller budget. Our billing company offers attractive payment terms on request. We will always let you have a detailed statement of the costs you will incur. Treatment costs can be settled in instalments over the whole treatment period.

    A gummy smile operation is an aesthetic plastic procedure which will definitely not be covered health insurance. Any necessary preliminary treatments (e.g. treatment for caries and periodontal disease) are subsidized by various health insurance schemes under some circumstances. Please note that the guiding principle of payment under health insurance must always be: “sufficient, specific and economical”. Pure health insurance payments without extra charges are definitely not a sufficient basis for a top result.

    The result is long lasting as a rule. As long as mouth geometry is not changed in any way (by implants, dentures or periodontal disease for example), we can guarantee you a beautiful smile until an advanced age. To keep a permanently attractive smile, thorough oral hygiene is absolutely essential. This includes crucial regular dental assessments and professional teeth cleaning by your specialist. This is the only way to ensure that you will keep your radiant smile for the rest of your life. The Perioplant Excellence method changes gum geometry. After healing, your new smile is permanent and aesthetically perfect.

    Laser treatments reduce the gum margin. In most cases, it grows back again after a few months. So, laser treatment must be repeated at least every 6 months. The Perioplant Excellence method changes gum geometry. After healing, your new smile is permanent and aesthetically perfect.

    If you send up-to-date images by email, an initial online assessment is available free of charge. Personal consultation with our doctors as part of a complex examination including preparing images and models, their assessment and anatomical and methodological analysis costs € 200-450.

    A gummy smile operation is a clinical procedure. The patient must either be aged over 18 or submit a declaration of consent from the person with parental authority in writing and in person.

    Correction of the gum is always the last step towards a perfect smile. An optimal aesthetic result is obtained only if all your teeth and periodontium are generally free of caries and periodontal disease. If necessary, the teeth, a critical part of the smile, must first be brought into a basic aesthetic shape. For this reason, Perioplant Excellence insists on comprehensive preliminary examinations. This is the only way to achieve a perfect result.

    After the wound has healed, your reflection in the mirror and the positive feed-back from family and friends will soon show you how good the result of our work is. To make this permanent, thorough oral hygiene is absolutely essential. This is why regular dental assessments and professional teeth cleaning are absolutely essential. This is the only way to ensure that you will keep your radiant smile for the rest of your life.

    Email us up-to-date pictures of your smile so that we can get a first impression. You will be sent an initial assessment in a few days of whether surgery is right for you. In the next step, you are given a cost estimate for the necessary initial consultations. After that, we can discuss the following steps.