Firmly anchored teeth

Regenerative periodontal surgery

In periodontitis, not only gum recession but also damage to the jaw bone and connective tissue apparatus generally occur. The latter provides the connection between tooth and bone. Gum, bone and connective tissue are the big three that hold the tooth firmly. If the big three are damaged and attacked, this may lead to loosening and, in the worst case, to loss of a tooth or even several teeth.

So that things do not go so far, it is important to reconstruct the periodontal defect with guided bone or guided tissue regeneration. This includes conservative and surgical procedures which restore the gum and build up the bone. Enamel matrix proteins and growth factors for instance can support our work.

Regenerative periodontal surgery involves regeneration of the attachment apparatus with new bone formation. It is impossible, however, to eliminate all bone defects completely.

The morphology of the bone defect plays a key role in this. However, as most defects are a combination of several kinds of bone defect, even after successful regeneration bone defects may remain which can, however, be eliminated in a further procedure.

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